Our client, a group of custom home builders in Arizona, understood the influence online searches had on their industry. There were over 1,000 searches performed each month for home builders in their area.


What did this mean? It meant that there were over 1000 new opportunities to gain clients each month, just by having a well-executed website and SEO campaign. In our initial conversation, we found that while they had decent rankings, and even pretty good traffic, they had little to show for it. The traffic was not producing results. Their paid avenues such as PPC, magazine advertisements, and online services such as Servicemagic (now Homeadvisor), were also not showing traction. Their brochure-like site was a minimal online presence and with minimal online branding, they were not receiving any real business leads from the internet.
Did we mention that they had tried two “Google Parter” agencies who only wanted to run PPC and collected money based on clicks not conversions. Not surprisingly, they had little to show for the money spent.



Thirsty for Leads

In 2013, this Phoenix area organization hired an LA based SEO company (that would be RiseRev) to redevelop their website and perform proper search engine optimization. Why RiseRev? Because their consultation finally revealed a holistic approach that made sense. They didn’t feel treated like rubes for a change.


Enhanced Rankings through Google Search

We established a specific goal of getting our clients to appear at the top of Google searches for keywords relating to home builders in Arizona, the Riserev marketing team got to work — increasing the rankings by adding keyword rich content to the company’s website, and implementing our exclusive SEO tactics.


“Within 90 days they reached page 1 on Google for multiple keywords. They now regularly receive inquiries about our company based on search engine results!


Worth the Investment

The  managers of this business in a highly competitive niche have a simple way to judge the return on investment of our Digitl Marketing and SEO work.

“We asked ourselves how much would we have paid to get the contract for that $1.4 million home we are building? $5,000, $10,000, $20,000? In the past we’ve paid all of those—and more in our efforts to get long-term relationships with developers. With RiseRev, we can lock in our costs, a massive help in our budgeting”


Staying Busy in a Tough Market

Despite a competitive home building market and a decline in real estate sales, the company was able to thrive. They enhanced their online exposure and built up their brand recognition. With the help of Riserev, the company saw 133% increase in revenue from June 2013 through December 2014! They have added other RiseRev ranked sites knowing that the more times viewers see them the more chances they will call.

Let RiseRev get your business on the track to success. Contact us today.





*Due to the privacy of our client we cannot disclose certain items. Please ask a RiseRev partner. Negative seo is a real thing and we always protect our clients.