Sales and Marketing professionals all agree that good lead generation is essential for growing a business and increasing its revenue. However, that can become an incredibly frustrating task.


Many fall back on cold-calling; but the typical response rate is an abysmal 1.7% (even when combined with direct mail and print ads). That means that for every 100 calls you make, you won’t even gain 2 responses. And statistically, it’ll take far more than those 2 responses to generate a single client. Your actual close rate will be something like a half of a percent. If you do it yourself, it’s a massive time-suck. If you pay someone else to do it, the return on investment (ROI) lowers even more.


The inefficiencies cited above don’t apply to SEO. ORGANIC SEO LEADS HAVE A 15% CLOSE RATE. If they click to your site, they are interested in what you provide. They have qualified themselves as interested simply by searching for services like yours. A quality website, designed with proper built-in SEO, gets you found, and provides the lead-flow that your business so greatly needs.


You see big changes that will help your bottom-line:

  • -The amount of visitors you see
  • -The degree of engagement (how much of your site they read)
  • -The number of leads from interested visitors
  • -The sales from those leads
  • -The revenue and growth from those sales.


Don’t put this off. Tell us the basics about yourself and a SEO Consultant will help you figure out your keywords, give you realistic goals for raising your ranking, and a good idea of the cost involved. Let’s get you on the road to dominating your market.


Why RiseRev is the best Choice

We run an in-depth consultation to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your business, your website, your vision and your goals. Our expert digital marketing technicians then convert that knowledge into a practical strategy with time tables and mile markers; you just have to sit back and watch your website go to work for you!


We can create a new website from scratch, or simply run a comprehensive analysis on your existing site to find and repair any inefficiencies it may have, complete with adding quality SEO elements.


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Dominate Your Market on the Web

SEO is short for search engine optimization. A Search Engine, (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) is simply a directory of websites. The directory is created using virtual robots that are constantly crawling through the internet looking for websites and cataloging the information they contain. SEO is simply the process of presenting your website in the best possible way to the bots.


There are many different ways to do this, but the basics are – be very clear about the content of the site and each element of each page. Links and images must be clear in their intent. They should be described and named in a way that implies their usefulness for someone who is searching for a keyword related to their subject.


Search engines “rank” sites in their directory based on programming algorithms that try to decipher how valuable a page is as a result for a query. For example, if the index is asked “plumber in orange county, ca” the database will return anything that has those terms, as well:


  • -related terms that are in the database
  • -anything that is referenced by any site the database feels is authoritative
  • -plus whatever the database has laying around.


It’s a complicated process. It’s made even more complicated by the fact that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the like, all use different formulas (algorithms) for determining rank for the same websites and key words or phrases.


Our expert SEO mechanics are available to get your site ready for the bots and to the top-of-the-heap in the indexes. We use state of the art techniques without skimping on the basics to get our clients ranked and rolling.


By performing quality SEO techniques, you’ll get your website to rank higher in “organic” internet searches. “Organic” search results are those that appear because the search engine has deemed them trustworthy and relevant (rather than because a company has “sponsored” or paid for their place at the top of the search results). The higher your rank the more likely a potential consumer will click on your website and convert to a paying customer. Therefore, well executed SEO practices place your website right in front of potential customers in the very instant they are searching for your products or services, drastically increasing your likelihood of gaining a new customer!


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Let’s say you’re a plumbing business in Sacramento. You have a website—a couple pages and a contact form, basically a web brochure with the basics: Who you are, where you are, what you do, and how to reach you.


People who search for plumbers in Sacramento, might find that you’re proudly displayed on page 3 of the search results (which, by the way, no one ever actually reaches). Instead, your main source of new clients is Angie’s List (which takes a big cut). A few people found you from your advertisement in the yellow pages (but you’re not actually sure people still even use the yellow pages) and you have some word of mouth referrals, (but that’s often a painfully slow way to grow business).


Creating the Strategy

You give this information to a RiseRev digital consultant, who ensures you there’s a better, simpler way, to grow your business. She helps you discern keywords people might use in a search for companies like yours, in addition to helping you set goals for your website.


After the consultation, you’ve decided to aim to own the top result for “new commercial plumbing installations in Sacramento” and several variations on that phrase, because, after all, that is your specialty. You also want to be near the top of the first page for “commercial plumbers in Sacramento” and at least on the first page when potential clients for “Plumbers in Sacramento.” Maybe you also decide to run some testing on a weekly PPC campaign, 1 day a week, $150 per week.


The consult helps you to understand and set these goals based on :

  • -the budget that you want to work with
  • -the competition within your market
  • -how competitive more general terms are
  • -how many contacts you want to get per month


Setting these realistic targets allows you to judge your campaign’s success as you achieve the growth and revenue increases that you’re looking for.


Working the Strategy

The RiseRev team creates a knock-out site for you that not only showcases your company, it seeks to inform and engage viewers in your voice, with your personality. They ensure that the robots who index your site see it as a trustworthy and informative site. They help you get listed and linked from various directory sites. We help you engage your customers via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts which you now post to every couple of days. Some of the posting is done by us for you. Your rise from page three becomes a steady climb to page one!


The Takeway

Your website simply must be more than just a “brochure” for your company. It becomes your best tool to interest, educate and convert new customers, all starting with organic keyword searches and a strategically developed site that speaks in your voice to the people who want your services.


You can rely on RiseRev and our team of SEO Consultants as your dominant resource for new lead generation by making your site pull its weight. Let’s get your company started today.



The Results:

After a few months, you’re able to ditch the expensive Angie’s List lead campaign. You’ve decided there’s no need to waste the money on any more yellow page ads, and you’ve already gotten some word of mouth referrals from some of the clients who originally found you through Google searches! Your business is flourishing with minimal effort and minimal marketing investment on your part!



I’ve Read Your Website. Why Don’t I Just Do It Myself ?

Good question. There are a lot of DIY people out there who love to take on projects like this; but when we have a plumbing issue in our office, you know what we do? Unless it’s a simply tighten this nut (or jiggle the handle) we call a plumber. Drowning our server room because we decided to take a crack at this plumbing problem will just end up costing us more in the long run. Likewise, poorly done SEO not only can, but will, harm your website ranking.


You make your money based on your expertise and your skillset. So you run your business, and let us make sure you have enough traffic to grow.


We’re a one-stop digital marketing shop that can handle everything you’ll need! We take the time to get know our clients and do it right. We can develop your website and SEO campaign, integrate a successful PPC (pay-per-click) strategy, and create, manage and tie-in a massively effective social media campaign as well. We do it all under one roof, and we do it right! One phone call, one bill – to solve all your digital marketing needs and give your business the boost that will allow it to thrive! We’re a top LA SEO agency for a reason!


Stats for thought (This should be a box somewhere high on the page)

  • -79% of searchers click on organic ranking sites
  • -70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads
  • -Inbound leads cost 61% less expensive than outbound leads
  • -Cold outbound leads (calling, direct mail, print, commercials) have a 1.7% close rate
  • -Organic leads have a 15.1% close rate (that’s us)


For more information on how to get started with a RiseRev digital marketing package, contact us.